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JP Morgan Chase
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JP Morgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase - one of the oldest financial conglomerates on the planet. Financial institution, stationed in New York, is a leader in investment and commercial banking services. Assets of $ 2.515 trillion JPMorgan Chase put in first place among the largest banks in the US - ahead of Citigroup and Bank of America.

Hedge fund managed by JPMorgan Chase is the second largest fund of its kind in the United States with assets of $ 28.8 billion (2006). Formed by the merger of Chase Manhattan Corporation and JP Morgan & Co., the company serves millions of customers in the United States.

Type - Public company
Year of construction - 1799
Location - 270 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York (USA)
Assets - $ 2.515 trillion (2013)
Number of employees - 255 041 (2013)

The headquarters of JPMorgan Chase & Co. 270 Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
JP Morgan Chase


Salmon P. Chase, whose name has kept the name Finance Corporation - the famous American politician and lawyer. In his honor was named «Chase National Bank», founded in 1877, by 1930, the bank became the largest in the world, and in 1955 the merging of two of the largest banks in the US «Chase National Bank» and «Bank of the Manhattan», new bank, called «Chase Manhattan Bank» in the early 1970s. was the third largest bank in the country's assets.

In May 2010, the Federal Commission for the Securities in the investigation of trading in mortgage bonds filed civil lawsuits bank. As a result, (2014), JPMorgan Chase & Co. pay a record $ 13 billion for the termination of the investigation with respect to fraud related to the sale of mortgage bonds before 2008

JPMorgan set a record among US banks for the costs of litigation, the amount of which for five years from 2008 to 2013. exceeded $ 18 billion.
JP Morgan Chase
Investment banking firm JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest financial companies in the world. Is headquartered in New York. The company was founded in 2000 through the merger of JP Morgan & Co. and Chase Manhattan Corp.

One Equity Partners - a private equity fund JPMorgan Chase & Co. Founded in 2001, OEP manages $ 8 billion of investments and commitments JPMorgan Chase & Co. in private equity transactions.

Now the company's assets reached 37 billion. The amount of money that the company operated at the end of 2008 amounted to 3.2 trillion and was third in the US and in the world. The company's turnover in 2007 amounted to 85.38 billion, while net profit amounted to almost 10 billion.

In its structure, the company JPMorgan Chase is a general union of three banks:

JPMorgan (main activities are lending to small business, mortgage and consumer lending, insurance and work with large corporations).

Chase Manhattan Corp (involved in commercial real estate and working with big business also provides services for the implementation of the lease).

Washington Mutual (the issuance of credit cards, work with small business and housing credit).

Bank represented by its offices in 60 countries. In the central office of the bank's work up to 200 thousand. Man.

J.P. Morgan & Co.

J.P. Morgan & Co. - Commercial and investment banking institution based in the United States by John P. Morgan.

Predecessor company of two major banking institutions - JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

In 2000 the bank was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank to form JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banks in the world.

In 1959, J.P. Morgan & Co. merged with founded in 1886 by the bank Guaranty Trust Company of New York, and formally became known as the «Morgan Guaranty Trust Company».

Washington Mutual, Inc.

Washington Mutual, Inc. (abbreviated WaMu) (NYSE: WM) - a bank holding company that existed from 1889 to 2008. Its largest branch was Washington Mutual Savings Bank, the largest US savings and loan associations.

The bank was founded in 1889 in Seattle as credit and investment association. Specialized in mortgage loans, including loans to high risk. For 2004-2006, the bank issued high-risk loans to $ 48 billion. By July 2007 to a third of high-risk loans WaMu delayed payments or defaulted.

During 2008, lost 95% of its value, which led him to bankruptcy. Belonging to the bank deposit assets were sold to the bank JP Morgan Chase.
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