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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc., RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) - the second largest British bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Scotland. Founded in 1727. Among the three Scottish banks have the right to issue banknotes. The Bank provides a wide range of financial and insurance services in the UK, the number of offices - more than 700.
Type - Public company
Year of construction - 1727
Location - Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Assets - 1.028 trillion pounds (2013)
Number of employees - 118 600 (2013)
The Royal bank of Scotland, the largest commercial bank in Scotland. In 1930, the bank absorbed Williams Deacon in 1939 - the bank "Glyn Mills." In April 1969 formed the National Commercial Bank of Scotland (40% of which is owned by "Lloyds Bank" from the "Big Five" banks in the UK) National and commercial banking group (National and Commercial Banking Group) with the board in Edinburgh, which is the 5th largest banking institution in the UK. As she entered the London clearing bank as "End Glyn Williams," was founded in September 1970 by the merger of the three banks.
The central office of the bank to St Andrew Square, Edinburgh
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
The total assets of Royal bank of Scotland at the end of 1972 (in million. Pounds) was 904; capital and reserves 70; current accounts and deposits 731; loans and discounting bills 482; the number of branches in Scotland and London 650. The total assets of the National and commercial banking group at the end of 1972 amounted to 1.791 billion. ?; current accounts and deposits 1,533,000,000. pounds.

RBS Group includes brands such as: RBS, NatWest, Ulster Bank, Coutts, Citizens and other companies providing financial services.

The main focus of the Group's business is doing at work in the field of equity and debt financing, risk management and transactional services.

These services are offered by a division of the financial markets and international banking services (M & IB) Group. It, in turn, consists of two divisions, closely interacting with each other in the course of customer service by offering a superior product, the effective implementation of any kind of transactions and excellent knowledge of the markets and various industries.
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
JSC "Royal Bank of Scotland" - registered in Moscow in late 1993. Until 2008 was known as "ABN AMRO Bank", a subsidiary of the Dutch group ABN Amro. In early 2007, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) *, in consortium with the Spanish Banco Santander SA and Belgian-Dutch bank Fortis bought ABN Amro Bank for 72 billion. Euros and announced the release of the Russian market through "ABN Amro Bank." In June 2008, he changed the name to "The Royal Bank of Scotland." June 20 CBR issued a new license to the bank in connection with a change of name.

In the ranking of Russian credit organizations 01.01.2010 Royal Bank of Scotland "with net assets of $ 51 billion. Rubles took 71 th place.

The net loss of the bank in 2008 amounted to 24.1 billion. Pounds ($ 34.4 billion.). British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called the deal to buy the eve of the crisis ABN Amro for $ 19 billion. Catastrophe.

To date, RBS provides an extensive range of world-class services, including global opportunities in the equity capital markets, corporate finance, emerging markets and in the area of transactional banking services (including global cash management, trade finance and financing of supplies), as well as in the field of counseling . United RBS structure to maintain its leading market position in the field of debt products and risk management tools.

In Russia, RBS business is developing rapidly, and today has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has more than 400 employees.

Royal Bank of Scotland provides services to most major international companies operating in Russia, and serves approximately 1,000 largest companies and financial institutions in Russia. The Bank is a leader in providing solutions for borrowing for companies operating in Russia.
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